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Short Duration Termination Solution
You may have experienced VoIP termination carriers backtrack after hearing you mention you're looking to run dialer traffic. Their fear is you instantly overloading their networks with "junk" traffic and effecting everyone else on their platform. We decided that one of our platforms needed to be engineered specifically for high-volume dialer traffic with low average call duration and high short duration percentage. This allows us to give you competitive pricing without sacrificing connectivity or quality. So if you're dialing heavy outbound and perhaps even old white page leads, that's ok, we have just the platform for you! We don't expect you to change your dialing or business model for us. Instead we have created something especially for you. Click "GET VOIP" below and you can be running traffic in as little as 5 minutes.
Short Duration Traffic
We will never cut you off or charge you extra fees for low ACD (average call duration), high SDP (short duration percentage), or incomplete calls.
No Commitments
It's our job to earn your business every single day. That's why our services come with zero commitment.
Competitive Rates
Quality and reliability that the pros expect at a price that's affordable even for the early stages of business.
FREE Testing Credit
Don't take our word for it. Give us a try and be up and running live traffic  within 5 minutes .
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